How can I improve following?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by tcfunnybone, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. tcfunnybone

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    Hello there!

    I've been salsa-ing for a few years, just at clubs every once in a while. I'm fine with dancing by myself and following the music; but I have trouble with following. For example, I'm fine with the basic steps and a little more; but once a LOT of spinning and stuff starts up, I basically suck and get completely lost.

    I tried taking a dance lessons (albeit, they were beginners, and I'm more of an advanced beginner), they didn't help with teh following bit.

    Do I just need to get out more? I'm thinking I just need one patient person to work with me for an hour? Any suggestions?????????
  2. Mala

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    If your basic problem is that spinning is getting you disoriented, maybe you should get that part out of the way. You could focus on learning the correct techniques for spinning and also practice the "spotting" that we've been discussing here on this forum. That should be one part of it. As for following in general--well, salsa is quite a complex and exciting language of its own. A little nudge on the waist tells you to turn, an increase in pressure on your hand tells you get ready for the next move... etc etc. It's just dancing with someone who knows how to guide that will sensitize you to the lead and follow language, I guess.
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    Welcome to SalsaForums !

    Where do you dance ? Here in the UK, I'd suggest you join an "improver" level class. That's above beginner as your footwork is OK.
  4. peachexploration

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    Hi TCfunnybone. I agree with DD. If your following skills need work, it is best to find a class that would help you with that. Consider taking even private classes with a good instructor and your following skills will improve in no time. Welcome to Salsa Forums, happy to have you here. :)
  5. peachexploration

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    Tcfunnybone, are you still around? How's it going?
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    I've been dancing for about 8 years - been dancing with my husband for 5 years, so I basically only dance with him. I know all his moves and what moves he's going to give me next. But if I dance with someone other than my husband where I can't really predict what turn they are giving me, I usually count, that way if he gives me a turn and I don't know where I'm supposed to go, I just step in place on my 5-6-7 and continue from there... it always works for me.

    You can try to go to a class to improve your spins and partner work.

    I think it's really about looking for the leaders signals and counting in your head, if you aren't familiar with your partner. If you are dancing with a friend, let them know your level so they know what turns they can or can't give you.

    Also, always have a smile on your face - that way if you mess up no one can tell because you're smiling and having a good time - which is what dancing is about anyway!

    Good Luck!!

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