Hawaii Salsa Festival--Roll Call

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Nicole_de_reve, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Nicole_de_reve

    Nicole_de_reve Son Montuno

    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to the Hawaii Salsa Congress! Who else is?

    Honolulu here we come! :banana:
  2. Nicole_de_reve

    Nicole_de_reve Son Montuno

    Nobody other than ptwist?? :shock:
  3. ptwist

    ptwist Tumbao

    guess not ...

  4. ptwist

    ptwist Tumbao

    did you have fun Nicole? It was great dancing with you :)
  5. Nicole_de_reve

    Nicole_de_reve Son Montuno

    I had such a blast!! You guys put on a great event, and the group energy in the room was so vibrant and positive, I love it. :mrgreen:

    I had fun dancing with you, and it was also cool watching you dance with Luda :notworthy:

    Where will the photos be posted? Are you headed to Paparazzi on Tues.?
  6. ptwist

    ptwist Tumbao

    yesss i will be there! :)

    hahahaha yeah it was fun doing that with Luda .... but my botched back handspring didnt go too well lol

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