Good Salsa clubs in Brussels Belgium?

Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by Aficionado, May 8, 2013.

  1. Aficionado

    Aficionado Changui

    I will be going to Brussels Belgium on May 22 to 25 and was wondering if there are any good salsa clubs there that I could go to?
  2. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    I have no idea (yeah, I know.. pretty useless answer ;) ) but, I have passed your question on to a salsera that lives in Brussels. Hopefully she'll be able to give you an actual useful answer ;)
  3. Estoniana

    Estoniana Son Montuno

    I live in Brussels, however I haven't gone to the regular salsa parties here in a while, so I cannot really comment on the current situation regarding the level of dancing, number of people etc. But the following parties will take place in that period:

    Wednesday 22.05.: Fiesta Salsa K-Nal - 5 € - K-Nal - Avenue du Port 1 / Havenlaan 1, 1000 Brussel (free workshop from 19 to 20.30, party is till 1.30 am). For the music: "salsa love, salsaton, timba, salsa moderna et de Bachata" (from event description on Facebook) :/

    On Thursdays there's usually "Mambo Time..!!" at Mantra Bar., however, for some reason the agenda on says it will be on Friday, 24 May. So it might be a good idea to keep an eye of the FB event.
    Usually they play good music there (mostly mambo + some bachatas and kizombas every now and then). I haven't been to this party since January, but I'd say it's the best weekly salsa party in Brussels.

    Then on Sundays there is La Tentation, Lakensestraat 28, 1000 Brussel. But I have been there only once 2 years ago and didn't like it, because there were a bit too many people who were looking for something more than just dancing :) And the music was mostly Cuban then, but now it may have changed.

    If i hear about other events that might be interesting, i'll let you know. Also, if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask :)
  4. Estoniana

    Estoniana Son Montuno

    A little update: DJ Henry Knowles will be playing at the party on 22 May.
  5. Aficionado

    Aficionado Changui

    Thanks a lot!!
  6. Smooth Salsero

    Smooth Salsero Changui

    I confirm "Mambo Time" are the weekly best parties in Brussels for demanding dancers.
    Check on FB to stay updated regarding cancellation and location: MAMBO TIME...!!
  7. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura Maestro 'Sonero' Lavoe

    Hi guys, I will be in Brussels the nights of October 3-4 (Tuesday and Wednesday), any good salsa clubs or parties?
    ( @bas you seem to be in the know about salsa in the region :) )
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  8. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Let's see, I reached out to couple folks. Brussels is strange. Sometimes there is everything, sometimes - nothing.
  9. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Or hop over to Amsterdam/Paris if there is nothing in Brussels those nights.

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