Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by praecantricis, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. praecantricis

    praecantricis Descarga

    Yes the great British Salsa Experience in Manchester is looming and I am planning on attending. The girl I was going to be sharing with has cancelled on me and so I was wondering if anyone knew where they were staying so I could find a space at the same hotel?
  2. narcosis

    narcosis Sonero

    I'm staying in a youth hostel - Hatters Manchester to be exact - so I don't think that would fit the bill?
  3. praecantricis

    praecantricis Descarga

    I have a room booked now at the Ibis city as they had a web offer on. Very excited. Anyone else from here attending? Apologies if I missed a roll call thread....
  4. salsashoes

    salsashoes Sonero

  5. Terremoto

    Terremoto Pattern Police

    Let us know how it goes!!
  6. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    Have you checked/posted this in the other thread on this event in this section?
  7. narcosis

    narcosis Sonero

    I bumped the other relevant thread for you prae. Do check it over there.

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