Everything is Salsa: Similarities between Salsa and other sports

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by TomSchueler, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. TomSchueler

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    Hi guys, I just came across a teacher called PrzeMek Wereszczynski (he is on youtube, google him!) who has an interesting generalized approach: It's quite funny, he teaches experts from other sports (e.g. Ballet, Boxing perhaps even Badminton ;-)) how to dance Salsa, thereby using similar general basic elements (hand movement, balance, rhythm) from that other sports to learn salsa more quickly or even more effectively.

    Do not get me wrong, I think the only way to learn Salsa is learning how to dance Salsa. But sometimes I wonder if I could improve greatly and in a shorter time frame in other, similar dances (or those I experience as being somehow similar: Bachata, Forro, even Disco Fox!) if I had a teacher who could teach me the similarities between dances. I know, dancing Salsa already helps learning bachata, even without being aware of it, if only for the feeling of the music, hand movements, stepping, etc. -- but maybe there is more to it, even concrete movements or "feelings" are at similar to identical?

    To go even further: Could we also use Salsa to learn Judo? Isn't it all about body movement, balance and rhythm? Would that even make sense?

    And then we could even ask the question if we could learn dancing by not dancing at all! Only by studying general movements such as stepping, kicking, punching, touching or listening, moving to different music and beats! Can dancing be broken down, be generalized -- or does it lose it's unique character?

    So I was wondering what your experiences are. Do you happen to know anyone who is looking beyond Salsa into other dances or sports, trying to find similarities? Are there people exploring those boundaries between dances? Have you ever used techniques from Salsa to learn other sports faster?

    Or do you think it's complete nonsense to incoporate elements from other sports not closely or non-related to Salsa at all? And all that time is better used to focus on one thing and one thing only?
  2. azana

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    I remember a rafting guide in Ecuador saying I should try white water kayaking as you just have to do salsa motion in the kayak :)
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  3. Dissonant Harmony

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    I remember someone here said once that Tai Chi helped him understand (or improve?) grounding.
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  4. terence

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    Cant speak to sports, but, I always make comparisons ( as do many teachers with a wide genre knowledge ) particularly with those who learn with me, doing BR and salsa .
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  5. Offbeat

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    You can always draw analogies between specific element of one activity and another element of completely unrelated activity (e.g. Dancing and Sports). You can also draw overall big picture analogy between two activities, say dancing salsa and tai chi or yoga or martial arts. The details and the learning lies between those two ends of analogies. Experience from one can help you accelerate the learning in other, but only if you grasp how it works in both activities.

    Once you learn a partner dance and want to to learn a different partner dance, if you understand the underlying principles, what applies and what doesn't you will accelerate your learning of the new dance. You have to either have intuitive understanding or someone explain what is similar and what is different.

    Lastly, each dance or activity has its own nuances that makes up its identity. You have to understand that. E.g. you can dance slow salsa to a slow bachata music, while maintaining the rhythm, but that is not dancing bachata.
  6. Smejmoon

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    Dude, I've been trying to figure out Mek since I met him 6 years ago. He's obviously genius, but I have very little clue if what he's saying makes sense to anyone but him. :) I remember he had a translator in one workshop and she was translating from English to English. It was very funny.
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  7. UchimaSalsa

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    I don't think it's a non sense to somehow apply what you learn in other sports, for example martial art will help you to learn how to break down a movement or react to your partner moves.
    Capoeira will help you to adapt your dance and flow to the music. Of course don't go practice your Ju-jistu on the salsa floor (urban kizz people do it already :p).
    The same way salsa will help you in the practice of other sport.
    Funny thing one of the first thing you learn in Afro cuban class is also one of the first thing you learn in snow boarding: relax your legs, bounce...
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