CPB and COM?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Melvin, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Melvin

    Melvin Tumbao

    There is this concept of CPB, Central Point of Balance, (www dancedictionary.com/DictC.html#cpb) which seems very useful when I read about it.

    It's located in the solar plexus.

    There is of course also the COM, Center Of Mass (www dancedictionary.com/DictC.html#com) located 2 inches above the navel.

    I don't understand the need for the CPB concept, why not only use the COM?
  2. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Are they not the same thing? My solar plexus is about 2 inches above my navel.
  3. Melvin

    Melvin Tumbao

    That would seem practical and the CPB concept would appear to make more sense, but...

    ... they can't be the same thing really, since our center of mass varies depending on our weight distribution and body type, and the CPB is supposed to be "fixed" as a fist sized area up at the solar plexus at the "V" in our rib cage. Kind of confusing to me.

    Perhaps if one thinks of the COM as slightly below the CPB, and an imaginary line between them giving leverage on the COM to any pressure put on the CPB, or something..

    Anyway, when I'm experimenting with isolating the CPB and for example push it forward even slightly by using my rib cage and abdominal muscles, for sure, the result immediately is a small left step forward just to stay in balance, and my left shoulder goes back and down, as it is supposed to, without me having to focus on it.

    Same thing if I move the CPB left, right or back. Suddenly the upper body is moving as it is supposed to, without this "forced" looked I get when I start by moving my legs and hips and then trying to follow through with upper body motion.

    So the causality at this stage seems clear to me, that the idea of moving the solar plexus first, with the rest of the body motion as a result of this small change, would be correct.

    If this is so, I would think this would be very important for a beginner to know. Where do you actually start, what do you do first when you take a simple step.

    I do not get the same results when I try to move a point slightly below the solar plexus, where my COM is supposed to be. Unintentional bellydancing?

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