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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by antigone, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    I'm going to be in the Baltimore-DC area next week, so, naturally, there must be a salsa night. I will take Monday, Tuesday (preferred), or Wednesday. So what's good? Who wants to meet up? When and where is that clavekazi social?
  2. SheilaB

    SheilaB Changui

    Hi Antigone -

    I don't know much about the current Baltimore scene, but my recommendations for the DC area would be: Monday check out Clarendon Grill in Arlington; Tuesday The Barking Dog in Bethesda - both are Metro accessible and are popular venues. I don't often make it out on Mondays but am usually at the Barking Dog (as is Beto). Check your pm's
  3. GTO Bruin

    GTO Bruin Sonero

    In Baltimore, Club One on Wednesdays is a reliably good venue. Susan Leiter teaches from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. After that it is open dance. The night usually wraps up by 12:00pm. Susan posts info and updates on her site
  4. Edragon

    Edragon Changui

    In the Washington Metro Area (DC, MD, VA):

    Clarendon Grill- (VA) ON1/ON2 Dancers. 9:30PM- 12:30AM. (ON2 dancers come late)

    Barking Dog (MD)- ON1 and a few ON2 Dancers. 9PM-12AM.

    The Salsa Room (VA)- Strong Mambo/Salsa DJs. ON1/ON2 Dancers. 9PM-1AM.

    Pure- (DC) Strong Cuban/Columbian Style. ON1/ON3 Dancers. 10PM-2AM.
  5. Edragon

    Edragon Changui

    The next Clavikazi Social is Sunday, October 12 at the Salsa Room in conjunction with Stuck on Salsa called, "The All Black Party." Stuck on Salsa is known for having the hottest parties in DC and with Clavikazi on board, this should be no exception. 2619 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA. 10PM-2AM.

    The night before, Mr. Mambo & Stuck on Salsa Social is being held at the DC Dance Collective Studio on Saturday, October 11. This social is becoming known as being very Mambo friendly. Located at 4908 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC. 10PM-2AM.
  6. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    I was in the DC area recently. Clarendon Grill was the place with the most "dancers." There is salsa there on Mondays. There was a mix of On1 and On2 dancers. If you can make it out on Monday, this would be the place to check out, IMO. The dancng goes from around 9 pm to midnight.
  7. kathytcupcake

    kathytcupcake Changui

    I was in DC last week and on Monday went to Lucky Bar initially in downtown DC, then went over to Clarendon Grill, which appeared to have a better scene, but the bar wouldn't let me in with my Canadian driver's license, even after checking in "the book" and confirming that the ID matched the book, saying that the holographic seal was scratched. They said that they only take passports for internationals. (Even though as a Canadian I don't technically need to have my passport to be in the US- I've only had a problem at one other bar with this, but they still always let me in.) boo.
    Barking Dog on Tues had a nice scene.
  8. antigone

    antigone Pattern Police

    Well, guys, I had so much fun last night that I just might make it out next monday, if I can still stand after the congress (and the drive...and the flight). Thanks for the recommendations!
  9. chr

    chr Shine Officer

    We are just slightly out of sync

    I happen to have a business trip in Baltimore, next Tue,Wed... ;)
  10. Beto

    Beto Tumbao

    It was a pleasure meeting you Tuesday night at the Barking Dog. Thank you for the dances! :D
  11. Edragon

    Edragon Changui

    It was great meeting you at Barking Dog although we kept passing each other on the dance floor. You lucked out because normally, you wouldn't have that many guy dancers there.

    If you are able to make it to Clarendon next Monday, I guarantee you will meet even MORE lead dancers. Plus, I can intro you to Jimmy- a newly transplanted dancer from your hometown now living in DC.
  12. ri_jt

    ri_jt Changui

    Hi... my gf and I will be coming DC this coming weekend staying in Crystal City, probably no car. What are the salsa club options for Friday/Sat night?
  13. bolivicano

    bolivicano Nuevo Ritmo

    You decided to come on the right week! There is a HUGE party on the 18th (Sat 4/18). check out for the info.

    It's supposed to be The Mambo Scene Magazine release party. Basically the whole east coast is suppsed to be there. Candy Mena, Yesenia Peralta, Arelis Beato, Philly, NY, NJ, DJs from Canada, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE CRAZY!!! plus it's my bday, so a great way to spend it :)

    Yea, basically u picked the right week.

    from 10pm-5am

    i feel like Earl Rush but, STUCKONSALSA.COM

    5207 Wisconsin Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20015
  14. ri_jt

    ri_jt Changui

    nice!! talk about dumb luck. definitely have to go there
  15. la_gringa

    la_gringa Tumbao

    in other words, new york will be in the house, so it'll be a good party ;)
  16. Beto

    Beto Tumbao

    FYI, Earl changed the location for the party. It's no longer at Chevy Chase Ballroom and will now be held at DC Dance Collective. 4908 Wisconsin Avenue.
  17. bolivicano

    bolivicano Nuevo Ritmo

    thanks beto, i was just about to update the venue location. see u there.

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