Chicago Nov 8-9?

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  1. noobster

    noobster Pattern Police

    Any recs?
    I found this recent compilation

    which lists 3 events within a 15 min drive of my hotel. They are all restaurants which makes me suspicious.

    Lalo's Mexican Restaurant
    La Taberna Tapas

    Terrific Tropical Thursdays at the Harvest Moon
    Also Stereo nightclub (website says 'salsa dura guaguanco mambo' which sounds promising, but this one is kinda far)

    Any thoughts/experiences/recs? Are these worth my time? I'll be on my own so I don't want to go if the culture is people just dancing with the partners they came with. I don't mind asking but I don't want to get side-eyed for it.

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  2. terence

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    We have the #1 latin radio DJ in Chi town posting here (El Caobo ) mail him..
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