Calle Real @Scottish Latin Festival

Discussion in 'Event Announcements and Ads' started by timberamayor, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. timberamayor

    timberamayor ¬°WEPA!

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  2. tallpaul

    tallpaul Pattern Police

    Oh wow!
    Now, how do I feel about commuting from Belfast to Glasgow next week for a night out?....
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  3. hensay741

    hensay741 Changui

    wow, this is a Boyband ???
  4. timberamayor

    timberamayor ¬°WEPA!

    I haven't heard of anyone referring to them as a boyband before, but everything is in the eye of the beholder LOL

    They're a bit old for that :)

    One of their more son songs

    From the latest album

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