Brothers & Sisters in the Salsa Scene

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by bolivicano, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. bolivicano

    bolivicano Nuevo Ritmo

    Hey SF,
    So I was wondering, How would you guys react if your brothers/sisters were to ask you if you could teach them how to Salsa dance?

    Would you say "no", "yes"...or would try to explain to them how much of a dedication there is behind learning the dance?

    Would you be open to having your sibling learn/dance salsa with you, or would you feel as if they're trying to get on in what's yours, etc.?


  2. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    If I have siblings, I'll probably force them to learn.... What is mine is really mine when it is shared, that is why we go out to dance with OTHERS.

    If I feel jealous over salsa, I might as well play video games or raise a penguin all by myself.
  3. Lola

    Lola Sonero

    To quote a friend..."who would say no to having more dance partners?"

    Salsa doesn't belong to anyone, so them in my space is out of the's everyone's space. And I think it's a high compliment that they want you to teach them...and they don't necessarily need dedication. Some people are in it simply for pleasure.

    Look at it the way they probably do; as an opportunity to spend time together and enjoy each other's company.
  4. GForce85

    GForce85 Rhythm Deputy

    My sister actually tried to convince me to go to salsa class with her several years ago but I refused. Then a couple years later I ended up learning anyway, and I was kicking myself for that refusal. I could have been sooo much better now.

    To answer the question, I would say yes. Why not? It would help me improve as well.
  5. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    Well then, would you teach the penguin to salsa?
  6. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    And to cook too ;)
  7. opm1s6

    opm1s6 Sabor Ambassador

    this should be the inspiration to all sibling combos:
  8. vata07

    vata07 Descarga

    actually my sister followed me into salsa. we both were learning at the same time without the other even knowing it. she happened to mention that she'd been taking classes, then it was like, "really?? guess what i've been up to?? :D". she does on2 though but i did lead her on1 the one chance we had to dance when i visited.
  9. nickylg

    nickylg Changui

    I moved back to my home town and started teaching - my brother (who is 10 years younger than me) initially came along just to hang out with me... but ended up doing some classes - then three years later started teaching with me and is now recognised as one of the most popular dancers in the area. Which not only is a fantastic advert for me... but also great cos I have someone amazing to dance with. And if I ever need a teacher - he's there - and I don't have to worry cos i know he's got it covered.

    So - in summary - I'm all for it!
  10. Berend

    Berend Son Montuno

    I think there was a movie about something similar...;)
  11. KP-salsa

    KP-salsa Shine Officer

    Love it - that non sequitor made me laugh
  12. Salsamakossa

    Salsamakossa Shine Officer

    My friend had been hounding me to dance for about 10 years before I did, and got addicted...:)
  13. barrefly

    barrefly Nuevo Ritmo

    ..not salsa, but another bro. and sis. clip.
  14. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    May as well teach him to make salsa, then.:rolleyes:
  15. chr

    chr Shine Officer

    My first hand experience:

    I have introduced my brother to salsa 2 years ago. Ha was visiting me for a week and I have been dancing for a couple of months and was really hooked (went out to dance 3-5 times a week). So I thought, "I can't leave him alone, he came here from Seattle, so I will be forced to miss my salsa nights!".

    My only hope was to convince him to join me. Fortunately, he had been dancing ballroom for several years before and I had a salsa instruction DVD at home. Before the first night out, we looked at some of the patterns and I followed for a couple of hours. Then we went out practically every day.

    The day after he left Berkeley, he sent me an email from Seattle (where he was staying for some weeks): There was a salsa club next door to his hotel so at the same day he arrived there, he could go out to dance within an hour or so. :)

    Two years later, we still visit each other: last time I visited him in Toronto for the Canadian Salsa congress and a month later he came to visit me in Berkeley and went together to the San Francisco Salsa Congress. :)
  16. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    Teaching a bird that its feathers are heavier than its bones with two flat feet and as slow as my mind is when I havent slept for 4 days to dance or to cook??
    Please do share some info about it ;)

    Do you have a good recipe? ;)

    Hey, Dont laugh at my penguin!
  17. Big10

    Big10 Shine Officer

    If my sister and her husband still lived in my city, I would gladly teach them all they want to know! As it is, they briefly took some Salsa lessons in their city, and once I helped them brush up on Merengue. However, they have three kids and, therefore, are limited in their opportunities to go social dancing -- so Salsa is a "back burner" item for them. :(

    I believe Berend was referring to the animated movie Happy Feet. Definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it already....
  18. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo


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