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Discussion in 'Salser@s Anonymous' started by PropriedadDeClubDenbow, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. A new game :D The next person has to write his association to the avatar of the previous person. So, the next one has to write his association to my avatar. Let's get started!

    P.S: you surely can participate more than once. Different people can have different associations to your userpics, right?
  2. tj

    tj Shine Officer

    Hmm, ok!

    I have been told several times by several salseras about how I'm unique in the local scene. Probably because my influences/where I learned is different from everyone else.
  3. Reminds me of South Park, which I'm not really fond of, but most of my friends are.
  4. Shooshoo

    Shooshoo Son

    I want to play this game, but I have no association with your avatar :( .
  5. pr

    pr Capitán Del Estilo

    It looks like a dip. :p
  6. tj

    tj Shine Officer

    (lol, this game is hard!)

    pr's avatar reminds me of the Bacardi Mojito commercial, which I like. (if any of you don't know what I'm talking about, look up Bacardi Mojito on YouTube)
  7. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

    My hubby :D
  8. tj

    tj Shine Officer

    Lol, sorry for the hijack, but...

    I look like your husband? I didn't even know we were engaged! :oops:

  9. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

  10. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

    What's this game about again? :?
  11. salsashoes

    salsashoes Sonero

    O M G, I'm married to animal (not an animal ) that would be wierd and illegal.
  12. 2 Jambo
  13. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

    Oi this is 'Avatar association', not 'Spot your spouse' :roll:

    I've no idea why I'm defending this game :shock:
  14. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

    Can we play hide and seek instead? :?
  15. Ehm, well... Yeah :D
  16. salsashoes

    salsashoes Sonero

    I spy with my little eye .
  17. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    I was going to bump this up, but salsashoes hasn't got an avatar...

    Er, Invisible Man?
  18. Ron Obvious

    Ron Obvious Shine Officer

    MacMoto's avatar looks like Gyro Gearloose's assistant, the 'little helper' I think he's called in English (had to look it up). You know, the little light bulb robot.
  19. bailarina

    bailarina Son Montuno


    The young boy in the red shirt in Ron Obvious' avatar is actually my long lost cousin.....

    (-: well maybe for the purpose of this game.
  20. Ron Obvious

    Ron Obvious Shine Officer

    Actually, the guy with blue trunks is Terry Jones playing the Ron Obvious character in Monty Pythons Flying Circus sketch "Jumping the English Channel". This isn't my real name in case anyone wonders.

    Anyway, sorry for the interruption and now let's get back to the show...

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