Austria sends yodelling salseros to Eurovision Song Contest

Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by salsero, Apr 20, 2005.

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    It was fun....

    I'd better send a few posts about Swedish contributes that never came so far as the final. Let's see if I can find them.

  3. lucretia

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    No I couldn't find the songs I was looking for from eurovision songcontest. But if you want to see a very happy and very handsome guy - performing in another kind of sexy show....


    (this transfers you to Real mediaplayer if you don't have it)

    This is our contribute for this year. :banana:

    (Girls you must see him :shock: . He is almost like Chayenne good to be true. A great singer and dancer as well)


    ps. This TV channel is a public service company. There is no commercial intrest at all ...they live on taxes. And there is no restrictions about who may look at it or transfer links to anyone.
  4. lucretia

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    Back to the Latino Theme...

    Here is soundsamples of what I tried to find before

    Tried to win 2003
    Ole Ole

    Tried to win 2004
    Just like a bumerang

    It's Andres Esteche - one of our Swedish Latinostars. (Yes he is a true latino guy even though he sings in Swenglish). He is a amazing dancer. He knows his salsa very well....

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    Re: Austria sends yodelling salseros to Eurovision Song Cont

    That is just demented! Mind you, Austria always seems to come out with the demented entries... :D

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