Anyone going to Stars of Salsa Event in England?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by AguaDulce, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    If I can get a cheap flight I might fly over.
  2. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    It's a nice enough event but it's hard for me to see too many people flying over from the States (i.e. I would be very surprised see you there).

    I'd go since it's not too far from being a "local" event for me. However I'm only interested in the Saturday party, and they are not yet selling single-night party tickets.

    The Sunday party is essentially normal SOS plus one extra hour of dancing (or ~3 1/2 hours instead of ~2 1/2 hours minus time lost for performance(s)) for twice the price. For real locals (read not me) and perhaps more so for real out-of-towners, spending the whole weekend may make sense.
  3. himji

    himji Sonero

    Anybody got a link for this?
  4. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police
  5. himji

    himji Sonero

    Hey that looks like a really good event! Anybody been to any of thier events before? I'm going to check my availablility that weekend (meaning I'm going to clear the decks) and book it :)
  6. nowhiteshoes

    nowhiteshoes Pattern Police

    ive been to sos (their weekly venue) loads. its my favourite place to dance
  7. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    If the flight was cheap and I could use London as a layover in route to an event the subsequent weekend in another country, it might be worth it, but you are probably right now that I've gotten some feedback.
  8. AndrewS

    AndrewS Shine Officer

    I think it's their first effort at a weekender so they don't have a history. I'm going to this one as I'm a local.
  9. himji

    himji Sonero

    Ok thanks. Well I'm local too (or I will be by then) so it'll just be the ticket fee and tube fare :)
  10. praecantricis

    praecantricis Descarga

    I'm going - but I live in London so it's easy for me - plus I got the cheapy early bird ticket . They've never done this before, but have been involved with other peoples events so should be able to make a pretty good go of it as long as they don't overdo the shows!
  11. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    I'm very VERY tempted... :roll:
  12. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    Life is short?!

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