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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Offbeat, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Offbeat

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    I thought this one deserves a thread of its own, rather than go to blacklist thread. Between the extremes of whitelisted and blacklisted are those who cause you to hide or run but you can't avoid :)

    There are a couple of girls I know on the scene, who have been dancing for more than a year. Leading them is like driving a truck with a blown tire. Good nature salseras but heavy to dance with, can't follow a simple lead to save their life (CBL or basic turn), can't maintain their own balance, etc. One of them takes the classes (and gets corrected, but instructor can do only so much) but doesn't social dance regularly. Other one I don't think takes classes but social dances regularly. Dancing with them is a wrestling match you just can't win, no matter how much you try to accommodate them.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    How about the guys who can't lead?
    Or the ones who dance On2 meanwhile you tell them ALL THE TIME "Im an On1" and they still want to LEAD On2, and you're still stepping all over them and telling them "I'm sorry". When it should be them telling YOU I'm sorry. Makes me want to RUUUUN from the dance floor.!!
  3. noobster

    noobster Pattern Police

    Maybe they don't know On1.

    It's much harder to lead off your usual break timing than to follow off of it. If he and she are used to different timing, I'd say it's easiest for the follow to accommodate the leader's timing as best she can.
  4. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'El Diferente' Canales

    hmmmm.. you need to get better at following off-time leaders :)
  5. Brownskin818

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    I hate when people ask me to dance when every context clue about me says that I don't want to dance. When I want to dance, I STAY on the dance floor, ready for the next partner. When I don't want to dance, I sit down, lay down even, engage in conversation, put on a disinterested/unwelcoming mug, sometimes stumble away from the dance floor when I'm good and tipsy :rolleyes:... yet some guys refuse to acknowledge those signs.
  6. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'El Diferente' Canales

    Try a headband with bright LEDs that spell out "On Break". You just might get lucky :)
  7. SalsaManiac

    SalsaManiac Son Montuno

    Might be tempted to ask which count the "break" is on .. rofl
  8. SnowDancer

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    I understand. But... when there's a big shortage of women, we guys have to get pretty aggressive, maybe to the point of annoyance. :raisebrow:
  9. vata07

    vata07 Descarga

    see, that's the difference between scenes. a women is sitting down or away from the dance floor means NOTHING. in my scene, no one refuses a dance, even when they really don't want to dance with you.

    for some reason, manners don't mean anything in my salsa scene. there have been times when i'm engaged in a conversation with someone and a guy drags them away without saying "excuse me" or whatever and the worst part is that the women allow it!! (and no the girl did not want to get away from me, one of them i was even dating for a while). so..picking up on it, i too have adopted the "no manners" protocol grabbing girls as i please from whatever activity they were previously engaged in so that i can get my dance on, :cool:.
  10. lolita

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    OH my God, and those dancers who think they are dancers and know better just because they are Hispanic. They drive me nuts, How dare he stop dancing in the middle of the dance floor and say : Mama you got it all wrong !
    I mean: wth??? You are not even on beat, not on1, not on2, not even in your dreams.
  11. opm1s6

    opm1s6 Sabor Ambassador

    Sorry, you'll have to conform. You get to be the boss at home, we get to be the boss on the salsa floor :p
  12. Salsamakossa

    Salsamakossa Shine Officer

    It is not punishment, so after one or two tries, I stop dancing with them for a few months, and then come back and see whether they have improved. Helped with one so far... lol.

  13. SalsaTO

    SalsaTO Son Montuno

    Wrestling Match - Leading an On1 Follwer to On2

    I empathize with Emoyeno.

    A leader driving his partner with On2 timing while his partner is obviously working to On1 timing is inconsiderate. It's not simply being "boss on the dance floor." It's no longer a dance, it has become a wrestling match. That follower should have walked off the floor and left Mr. Mambo leading himself. My partner has done that with other leaders pulling off similar stunts.

    While Salsa or On1 and Mambo or On2 share the same music, share the same technique for lead and follow, and share similar turn patterns, the similarity stops there. They are two different dances, each with their own dynamic and timing. Dance starts with the feet, and the feet move differently with On1 timing and On2 timing. Any competent jazz or ballet or experienced ballroom instructor should confirm this fact.

    I notice a number of salsa schools no longer call On2, Salsa on 2. They are calling it "Mambo." When they refer to On1, it is "Salsa." Otherwise, the word "salsa" does not appear in their descriptions. What do they know that we don't?

    I'm not saying it's wrong. And I'm not opening that old chestnut of On1 vs On2. I am stating that the two are different, and one must simply recognize and work with that difference.

    Timing Wars aside, my biggest peeve is a partner chewing gum in my face while we are dancing, at the very least they can keep their mouths closed between chews. Oh, and gum wads fluoresce with camera flash. So that odd sparkle coming from an open mouth in a picture isn't a filling, it is a gumwad.
  14. chrisk

    chrisk Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well, altough I prefer to dance on2, but when a lady clearly tells me she's only dancing 'on1', then I'll drop on2 and go for some on1. No problem, as in end we should both enjoy the dance and not only I. :) But interestingly I've found some ladies on my scene that altough they only learned on1 seem to not mind dancing on2 with me.

    And to the topic itself: Let's not forget those ladies, who lead themselves whenever they want. Sometimes they might follow your lead, but then suddenly ignore it and do some turns or move wherever they want to and you need to make it still look good. I don't mind improvising a bit when some moves goes 'wrong', but I don't really like to spend my time improvising because my partner has decided to ignore my lead. :(
  15. GForce85

    GForce85 Rhythm Deputy

    Assuming the two were going to finish dancing the song (personally I would just ask her if it was ok to stop because we aren't compatible), what exactly was the guy supposed to do if he only knew how to lead on2? It's not like he was suddenly going to learn on1 well enough to actually lead it just over the course of that song. Different story if the guy knew how to lead on1 but was just being a d!ck and staying on2, of course.

    Back on topic (well I guess that was actually on topic, but it's not what I was going to say), I don't like the follows that are really wild and off-balance because they are trying to style before they're ready. I also don't like the ones that death-grip my fingers. Combine those traits, and you have a follow that I will actively hide from to keep from dancing with her.
  16. SmartAlx

    SmartAlx Tumbao

    Don't like dancers who try to take classes that are way above their skill level.
  17. sac

    sac Tumbao

    unfortunately this is common at every congress and festivals i go to:(
  18. vata07

    vata07 Descarga

    what's even worse are the women that take everything they say and do as "gospel" since, of course, ALL of them inherently know how to dance and know what the correct techniques are. they see a hispanic dancing and automatically assume its the right way to do it,:rolleyes: regardless of what's being taught in classes.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    :rocker: true!!!!..but I still want what I want.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    thank you SalsaTO!!!

    I do sometimes tryyyy very very hard to dance On2, while I may follow On2, but since I'm still in the learning stage, sometimes I just go back to On1 right there. Sooo I know I have to work on that.

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