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Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by gabe0725, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. gabe0725

    gabe0725 Descarga

    Anyone know what's up with him???
    Last I heard, maybe close to 10 years ago was that he had dementia or something to that nature. That was pretty much it. Unfortunate if that's true but the source I heard it from is probably close to 100% reliable.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    He's my favorite! but I know nothing about that.
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  3. Abayarde

    Abayarde Capitán Del Estilo

    Good question. Haven't heard anything from him a long time ago.
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  4. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    For some years now I have heard, from reliable people in the NY salsa scene who played with him in the past, that Angel Canales has been very ill, residing somewhere in Florida. I don't recall the exact affliction so I don't want to speak with erroneous information.
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    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    He is widely known and loved in Peru. I have many Peruvian friends who only listen to his songs!!
    Like we say in spanish "Mi negrito lindooo"!! love his songs!!

    This is another thread that should be in the "Artists Section"!!
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  6. TwoCentsTipper

    TwoCentsTipper Rhythm Deputy

  7. For me Angel is like the definition of SABORRRR! :)
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  8. gabe0725

    gabe0725 Descarga

    Yup, extremely ill from what I heard. This was about 10 years ago.

    Wow, Ray Jay Orq. Wonder if he recorded with them as well...
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  9. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer

    Angel Canales is alive and well. The rumors of his being very ill were just that.

    He is completely and irrevocably RETIRED and has no interest or desire for a comeback or conduct interviews with anyone or anything having to do with 'La Farandula.' In essence, that part of his life is over. His choice.

    This is Angel Canales [on the left] in 2014.

  10. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Kinda sad that he chose that path.
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  11. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    I am glad to learn that he is well.
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  12. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    I heard that he has Parkinson's and Alzheimer's....happy to hear that's not true.
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  13. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer

    According to Angel Justiniano, he [Angel Canales] only performed "live" with them. BTW-"Ray Jay" is the older brother of Angel and Harry Justiniano, both of whom are founding members of the Ray Jay Ork. and New Swing Sextet, who they are still currently members of.
  14. El Caobo

    El Caobo Maestro 'Salsa' Palmieri

    I hope that the Parksinson and Alzheimer's stories were rumors! That would be such a relief. However, a still photo doesn't rule those things out. I'd love to find out more information.

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    I am sorry but that looks nothing like Angel Canales, too white and too friendly of a smile. Canales had a hard edge to him that I don't think time could erase. Why do people spread so many rumors? And why do people believe them ?
  16. El Minotauro

    El Minotauro Sonero

    He looks exactly like Angel Canales! Do a search in google images. The photo looks exactly like one would image him to look after a so many years.
  17. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer

    Oh. Okay, that settles it then...


    Really? You knew him that well huh?...

    If you're referring to me, I do my best not to perpetuate falsehoods. We all make mistakes sometimes. This was not one of them.

    Why do people believe them [rumors or hearsay]? If they know the person, they tend to put stock into what is being conveyed. A lot of people didn't believe that he was "alive and well." Despite a photo taken in 2014 and a statement indicating so.

    Ask me if I care?

    If he was on his deathbed I would have said so. He isn't. And I'll just leave it at that.

    I don't know who RickJDLT is? But you're going to need just a little bit more than just your distant perception of Angel Canales having a scowl 24/7 and having darker skin for your word to be taken seriously. That's Angel bro. That is his wife. If you know Angel, you already know who she is. You know how many children he has. You know where he lives.

    If not? Then it's folks like yourself who "love to spread rumors" and want to have people believe them. You brought nothing to the table other than your idea of what Angel is supposed to look like. Do you have a death certificate? Do you have any current photos to back up your claim?


    Then you know what you have to do brother. Put on your earphones, pop in the Angel Canales CD and enjoy the music. That's all we need you for. We don't need you for nothing else. Thanks for your opinion. :meh:
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  18. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer


    I hate to sound like a comemierda because that's how it is going to come across. I committed a boo boo posting this first on Facebook and later on salsaforums. They want their privacy and I honestly did not think it would be a big deal if I revealed that not only was he alive but that he was doing well health wise. Unfortunately, I was reached out to and in a nice way was called out on the carpet. I didn't delete it because it was too late and already exposed. But the photo is there. He is still with us. That's all anyone needs to know.

    Obviously, we are all fans of his and we appreciate him very much and 49 out of 100 are simply genuinely concerned about his well being. The fact remains, his personal life is his personal life and even if I knew anything beyond he still being with us and in good shape, we should all respect his privacy and leave it at that. The music is there for us to enjoy and the worst thing that could happen is that a debate ensue over the authenticity of his health or even of his existence. I'm expressing this in general and not you directly. For anyone else who wants to know more beyond the music.

    Angel Canales is still with us. If anyone doubts that it is him in that photo, that's fine as well. But if anybody wants to claim he died or is sick, ask them if they have proof of this. Otherwise, its the usual "radio bemba" [gossip] of the street. And, in case anyone didn't already know, the street is one big dummy.
  19. El Minotauro

    El Minotauro Sonero

    RICKJDLT is very opinionated, Richie. Clearly he is dead wrong.
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  20. El Caobo

    El Caobo Maestro 'Salsa' Palmieri

    I look at that picture and I see Angel Canales very clearly, Richie! I never doubted the authenticity of the photo, and knowing you as I do, would never doubt what you say. You certainly have that level of credibility, and more, with me!

    When you posted the photo, I didn't know if you had run across it somewhere, or someone gave it to you, etcetera. In that case, a still photo would not rule out any illness. However, now that I know a bit more about it, case closed. As of that time, clearly Angel was doing fine. Your word is all I would need, and the photo is just a plus. I'm very happy about it all!
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